NEW DEHLI: As India mulls to revenge Uri attack by illegally stopping Pakistan’s share of water promised under Indus Water Treaty, China role in this saga holds significance.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting today (Monday) to discuss pros and cons of this unlawful action on the 1960 water treaty signed between India and Pakistan.

According to experts, in case India decides to stop Pakistan’s share, China could respond to this act by blocking River Indus and River Brahmaputra as both of them originate from there.

China has not signed international water sharing agreement, so it has no obligation to let the rivers flow.

If China came in Pakistan’s support, and diverted the flow of River Indus, India could lose 36 percent of river water. Additionally, China also has the option of stopping the flow of Brahmaputra river into India. The Brahmaputra feeds millions in India and Bangladesh. China is building 11 mega dams on it and is in a position to hurt India’s interests.

Blocking flow of Indus would also cause floods in Occupied Kashmir and Punjab in India.

Violating an international treaty backed by the World Bank, would invite condemnation from across globe putting India under immense pressure amid Kashmir violence.


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