How Is Interior Design Different From Interior Decorating?

How Is Interior Design Different From Interior Decorating?

Interior design is defined as a profession wherein creative as well as technical solutions are applied within a project structure in order to achieve a better and well-built interior structure.  The solutions created as part of a structure’s interior design are often functional, aesthetically pleasing, and enhances the structure of the property.  All aspects of interior design lead to the enhancement on the quality of life of the occupants.

Interior decorating on the other hand is defined as part of a profession is aimed in decorating and furnishing the interior structure of a property, such as homes, shops, offices, and other type of interior structure.  Interior decorators are also involved in the choosing of room colors or themes.

If you try to look at both definitions, it is clear that both are necessary for the creation of a better home or building structure.  However, it should come to an understanding that interior design is the most important aspect in the design envelope because the overall structure and functionality of the structure is within the elements of the interior design.  Basically, interior design is the backbone of the design element whereas interior decoration is the layering design that can be changed whenever you please.

The big difference between interior design and interior decoration is that interior design handles mostly structure and functionality whereas interior decoration is more of a superficial design value that can be changed occasionally.

When it comes to interior design, often, the architect, draftsman, or interior designer have to take into consideration the wants and need of their client, their budget, as well as the size of the structure they are designing.  Normally, interior designs are unique, particularly in commercial settings as clients do not want their structure looking very much similar to that of their competition.  Such includes hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

The aspect of interior design is very broad as there are many things that go into an interior design more than what is visible to the naked eye.  For one thing, structural strength should be carefully considered as the designers surely do not want an aesthetically pleasing design but is weak structurally.  Weak design structures are at most disasters waiting to happen as aesthetics is more aimed for than structural integrity.